Links of the day | 在网上找到

Users folder vanished after OS X 10.9.3 update? Here’s a fix • The Register – nifty help out

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse: A Merger Driven by Interconnectivity | Euromonitor International – personally I think Carphone Warehouse is attaching itself to a turkey. Regardless of any Internet of Things synergies there maybe, the customer service culture of Carphone Warehouse is alien to Dixons. Richer Sounds and Empire Direct may have made more sense?

No matter what the boss says about flextime, get to work early – Quartz – morning bias

China’s Top Mobile Social Apps by Time Usage | China Internet Watch – why Weibo is overrated and WeChat is so powerful

Ignore the Silicon Valley Twilight Zone | Marketing Forward – I think that this is the rabbit hole WPP is a risk of going down

OnePlus Smash the Past Winner Receives Empty Box, Uploads Unboxing to YouTube | Droid Life – it sounds like buzz marketing gone horribly wrong

BBC News will post live #indianelection results via @WhatsApp – 1st serious wide scale ‘commercial’ comms use?

“24″ Win Fails To Boost Youku Tudou | Young’s China Business – probably down to government regulation of media sector

So where are we going in Mobile? | DigitalEvangelist – interesting piece by Ian Wood. The most depressing thing I find out about this is the wasted R&D when so much hard innovation is going begging

Profits Way Up at China’s Tencent As WeChat Goes Global – WeChat now up to 396 million active users

Communities Dominate Brands: Lets Do 2014 Numbers for the Mobile Industry: Now we are at 100% Mobile Subscription Penetration Rate Per Capita Globally – that headline number now isn’t as meaningful as it could be. I personally have two numbers on one smartphone. 3UK via the SIM and China Mobile Hong Kong via Jego. It also conceals the continuing gulf between established markets, the developing world and the astonishing acceleration of APAC markets

Is it really a tech bubble, or is it something else? — GigaOM – narcissism and a tech bubble

That Oracle-Google Appeal | ongoing – interesting analysis by Tim Bray, a prominent contributor to the OSS movement and former Googler

Alibaba’s Cloud Business Expands With Hong Kong Data Center | Data Center Knowledge – gradual internationalisation

Red-Hot Web in China Richly Rewards Foreign Investors (David Barboza/New York Times) – great to see that Naspers were getting a bit of respect

The Wayback Machine Passes 400 Billion Indexed Webpages | TNW – impressive scale but this misses out on the explosion of content created by social network platforms as walled gardens, and that may not be a bad thing

The audience solves a mystery in this real-time interactive TV show powered by a South Korean startup – it reminds me a lot of Majestic

Li Ka-shing’s rumoured plan to reduce investments ‘could damage Hong Kong’ | South China Morning Post – it makes sense for Mr Li to diversify, Hong Kong is optimally priced; there are bargains to be had elsewhere

Amazon Patented Taking Pictures In Front of a White Background | Geekosystem – they’ve just patented pack shot photography?

Mapping The Hidden Cost Of Mobile Apps | MobileGroove – will be reviewing my use of some of the apps mentioned

NSA spying is causing Americans to self-censor their Internet activity | VentureBeat – if you substituted PSB for NSA and Chinese for Americans this could be any other article about China in the western media

Rich pay, rich clients, but luxury retail jobs go begging | South China Morning Post – mainland clients are considered difficult

The History Of Dive Watches | aBlogtoWatch – interesting evolution of design

9 Successful Ways to Recruit Market Research Participants | PARC blog – good advice

20 fantastically helpful IFTTT recipes – the title exaggerates

Huawei Ascend P7 Review | BGR – interesting review of Huawei Ascend P7, interesting that they still have sluggishness issues and the skinning that makes it look like a shanzhai version of iOS7. You would have to pry my iPhone from my cold dead hand though

The new opium of a stressed people | FT – rise of buddhism amongst China’s middle classes