Links of the day | 在网上找到

Schneier on Security: TrueCrypt WTF – fascinating commentary discussion on TrueCrypt

Am I Crazy For Wanting A 4-Inch iPhone 6? | BusinessInsider – good points in terms of usability. It does beg the question do consumers actually want a phone anymore? I suspect some of them do, but handset manufacturers tend to disagree if one where to believe the big screen trend

It’s alive! What NPR learned from turning its @nprnews account from a bot to a human | Nieman Journalism Lab – interesting experiment in bot versus human curation on a Twitter feed

Influicity Launches YouTube Influencer Marketplace – the phrase influencer marketplace made me feel uneasy

Digital Intelligence :: Marriott offers loyalty points for social shares – loyalty points for advocacy

Watchmen writer Alan Moore unveils comic book app and open-source toolkit Electricomics – really interesting media experiment by Alan Moore

Jet setting as a Brand in China | L2 ThinkTank – interesting consumption pattern

Comptoir des Cotonniers’ 20-Second Shopping | L2ThinkTank – really nice pop-up execution

Amazon Deserves All of Its Bad PR | Valleywag – any article that starts with the Lovecraftian sobriquet ‘ the Cthulhu of retail’ has to be read

The History of the Modern Graphics Processor – TechSpot – interesting story, particularly how cyclical the market was

Electro-Optic Camera: The first DSLR – really interesting history

Comcast promised poor Americans cheap internet, but most of them didn’t get it | Quartz – the money quote for me “The Internet today is like electricity. If you don’t have it, you’re screwed.”

Kakao-Daum – The Next Big Thing From Korea? BeTech – some of the best analysis I have seen about the Daum Kakao merger

BAD CLOUD | Will McInnes – am sure we can all relate to Will’s experience

Everything Is Broken — The Message — Medium – interesting essay on computer security

New video shows you everything cool about the LG G3 in only 2 minutes – they had me at lasers

BlueFocus: China is changing not slowing | Marketing Interactive – investing in big data, mobile, video makes sense. I thought e-commerce was an interesting area to choose, especially given China’s unique landscape

Dutch Lady reaches out to employees to push its brand | Marketing Interactive – interesting smart FMCG strategy

Watch Skype translate a video conversation in real time | Quartz – you know that time when you first saw the internet and it was a thing of wonder, rather than where you go to work? That’s how I felt when I saw this, mixed up with feeling dirty realising that Skype is actually Microsoft

Real Estate Tycoon Sees Titanic Moment for China’s Housing Market – China Real Time Report – WSJ – he made these comments in what he believed was a Chatham House style setting

China to clean up instant messaging services – – rumour spreading and fraud

Guangdong to loosen hukou household registration system for millions of migrants | South China Morning Post – presumably to help stem some of the migration of factories inland. Good to see these people getting some government respect though (paywall)

Omnicom Strikes $230 Million Two-Year Mobile Deal With Twitter | Ad Age – this is all about access to information

B-52 receives first tech upgrade since 1961: Now with color screens and wireless networking – this is a credit to the engineers that designed and manufactured to the B-52, there was something dieselpunkish about mixed analogue and digital controls that appeals to me though

If you encounter a natural disaster in Japan, you can connect to wifi using SSID “00000JAPAN” – way ahead of emergency planning elsewhere Has been Added onto WeChat as the Shopping Channel | Technode – Tencent is the largest shareholder of JD so this makes sense. Mirrors what Alibaba did with Weibo