Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week

Interesting Thoughtful China talking about mobile marketing and likely implications of marketing on wearables.

McDonald’s GOL! trick shot video to tie in with the FIFA World Cup is my favourite video, out of all those done by sponsors and major vendors.

Mary Meeker’s presentation was the most shared of the week, some interesting easy to pinch slide ware but not so sure about the conclusions and some of the directions that Meeker and Co. were driving in. More on this at another time. I have a larger post that is taking a lot of time to write.

Rainforest by Gun Architects outside the Bedford Square premises of the Architectural Academy.
Outdoor art by London Architectural Academy on Bedford Square
Honda brought an Oculus Rift to MCM ComicCon to give geeks a virtual ride through Neo Tokyo.
MCM ComicCon London