Naspers + other news

Reading Time: 6 minutes Naspers Red-Hot Web in China Richly Rewards Foreign Investors (David Barboza/New York Times) – great to see that Naspers were getting a bit of respect. Naspers is a South African media company that moved into online retail and venture capital investing. Naspers were fortunate to buy into Tencent in 2001 and become their largest shareholder.… Continue reading Naspers + other news

New York Times culture

Reading Time: 8 minutes The internal Innovation report by The New York Times leaked widely and has been reported on, mainly in how it reflected the internal politics that led so the departure of Jill Abramson from the paper. It has also been heralded as document of importance in the industry. Given the nature of the document I decided… Continue reading New York Times culture

The Beats + Apple post

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before Beats there was Mega Bass Before you can talk about Beats, you need to go back into the history of consumer electronics. If you had a Japanese made personal stereo in the 80s through to the early noughties the words ‘Mega Bass’ meant something. It was printed on everything from clock radios and boom… Continue reading The Beats + Apple post