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I like: Nomad ChargeKey

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I have a pouch that travels with me full of cables. iPod cables, iPhone cables and a USB to micro USB connector for my smartphone battery pack. The challenge is with travelling, how do you make products that are robust, yet take up less space?
Nomad ChargeKey
Nomad’s ChargeKey aims to cut the travelling volume down with short flexible rubber cables that look like keys.
Nomad ChargeKey
The micro-USB version is straight forward, the one I was more concerned about was the new iPhone connector, mainly because it has some smarts inside the connector on the official Apple cables. I found that it worked perfectly, synching my phone to iTunes and charging the device.
Nomad ChargeKey
As they are key shaped, Nomad didn’t let the innovation stop with just the ChargeKeys themselves but also the packaging which is a slick card envelope.
Nomad ChargeKey
Nomad ChargeKey
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One reply on “I like: Nomad ChargeKey”

Nice, looked at getting this some time ago. Might have to take a look again as there are some times when cycling that I could redeem some of the pocket-space with one of these for my N9 and BT headset (I do carry a spare battery).

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