Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that have made my day this week:

I got this presentation on behavioural economics via Paul Armstrong’s Concentrate weekly newsletter

Burger King used to do some great marketing films like Whopper Freakout, but had gone away from it for a few years. Proud Whopper hopefully marks a return to making these thoughtful emotive films

We’ve been experimenting in the office with Camera to try and do something different to Vine for a client event. It’s one-off creative toy, but I got quite fond of the atomic explosion effect. 

Cooper-Hewitt is the US equivalent of the Design Museum in London and has recently gone through a rebrand. Part of the rebrand was to giveaway at the corporate font and the files necessary of the technically competent (i.e. not me) to iterate on the design. Quartz have a really good summary on the rationale behind this giveaway.

Finally the marketing team pushing The Guardians Of The Galaxy came up with this nice spoof of a holiday tour company advert.