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China’s Hony ready to make more overseas deals after Pizza Express buy | SCMP – huge gulf in casual dining, China tends to have fast food or high-end dining

PC sales estimates: How the sausage gets made | Fortune – why don’t they have a look at slaughtered goats intestines whilst they are at it?

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Buys Pre-fab Modular Data Center from Schneider – interesting that they went to a western supplier

Online payments and prostitution: How the internet is transforming the oldest profession – crypto-currency does away with the creepiness of cash, the big problem with credit cards and PayPal in the US is the payment providers closing accounts and traceability

Amazon rewards Prime Members who choose slower shipping | Marketing Pilgrim – I wonder what Amazon will do with the data beyond using differentiated delivery, would this be baked in for future offerings?

CHART OF THE DAY: Most Of Amazon’s Income Goes Back Into The Company (AMZN) – the financial results almost reminded me of Intel’s ‘tick-tock’ planning and process change

Stream that bootlegged movie, go to jail | Silicon Beat – US government thinks that the new war on drugs is piracy basically

The traditional shopping experience can no longer survive in China | WantChinaTimes – department stores taking a kicking from e-tailing

Tencent reportedly downsizing microblogging platform | WantChinaTimes – interesting if Tencent Weibo is put in maintenance mode

Taiwan eager to tap into industrial robots market | WantChinaTimes – it would be interesting to see what Taiwan could do in industrial robotics

HTC’s brand awareness in China drops: report – HTC is an uncomfortable sandwich, it has Apple in the luxury brand position above it and Samsung et al as peers. The most danger comes from below with Lenovo, Oppo and Xiaomi turning out products that look increasingly impressive

How Ravers Became the New Flower Children | New Republic – how reimported house and techno brought about a rave like culture in the US