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Google Under Pressure as Modified Android Phones Take Off | TheNextWeb – 20 per cent sounds on the low side to me, given that Google services are basically unuseable in China, then there is the Amazon side of things and the Yandex app store in Russia which I suspect is part of a wider fork of Android there

Social Media, Indonesia’s election, and the growth of e-commerce | CampaignAsia – (paywall)

Service activity at worst level in nearly years, HSBC says | Shanghai Daily – HSBC’s PMI index skews towards medium sized businesses and includes no state owned enterprises

Apple Hires Former Social Media Director Of Nike And Burberry | Fast Company – but his job title is digital marketing director Apple Retail

Procter and Gamble to Divest 100 Brands – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International – interesting analysis

McDonald’s hit by social media disaster on Instagram | Marketing Interactive – live and learn I guess, though disaster is a bit strong

Why Coke’s experiment with vitaminwater turned sour | Quartz – interesting to see Coke acknowledging the change on its blog