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IWC Aquatimer Deep 3 vs ORIS Aquis – Gear Patrol – Oris’ approach is a really elegant design solution

Are processors pushing up against the limits of physics? | Ars Technicathe struggle to extract greater parallelism from code. Even low-end smartphones now have multiple cores, but we’ve still not figured out how to use them well in many cases.

A portable router that conceals your Internet traffic | Ars Technica – inexpensive pocket-sized “travel router”

A brief history of USB, what it replaced, and what has failed to replace it | Ars Technica – I found an ADB connector keyboard at the weekend

Telegraph “Forgets” Its Own Stories Documenting Google “Right To Be Forgotten” Removals | Marketingland – something recursive in the nature of this and straight from the pages of Franz Kafta

VCs suck (but there’s a way you could prove me wrong) | Fortune – issues in data transparency

Number of Cars Per Household Stagnates in Japan | WSJ – peak car in Japan (paywall)

More Than a Third of Americans Have No Retirement Savings | TIME – shocking and astonishing

Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet – Atlantic Mobile – one of the nicest pieces I have read in a while. Lastly other forms of communications are harder to search or keep a record of.

Orange Bear | Facebook for Business – is it just me or is anyone else trying to see the business case / causality in this case study? It looks like a press release with bursts of numerical tourettes

Lenovo becomes China’s top smartphone supplier: IDC – interesting that Lenovo managed to get a jump on the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei

The simple reason smartphones are getting bigger | Quartz – APAC market preferences dictating global move