Things that made my day this week

Here are five things that my day this week:

There is something hypnotic about CNC machinery and pick-and-place arms whirling around doing their thing. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu put this film together for their MX4 model

I am a sucker for all things Japanese at the best of times but was bowled over by two videos this week. The first was by Hiroshi Kondo which does a really good job of capturing the other-worldliness of driving at night.

The second video is of the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, I love the detail, the ambient sound of it. Shibuya is a special place that I loved to watch from the Starbucks above it, this brought the experience flooding back.

The Japanese have mastered using laser heated plasma to create firefly-type effect.

CPM Special Bearings posted footage of two ABB robots having a fight with a pair of katanas.