Links of the day | 在网上找到

This is the proof that the 1% have been running the show for 800 years | Quartz – know your place serfs

Rescuing gadgets from the golden age of ‘Made in Japan’ | The Japan Times – inspiring and deeply saddening at the same time

デザインアンダーグラウンド – ラジカセ・ヴィンテージ家電、オーディオの販売・修理 – Design Underground Factory restoring beautiful Made In Japan consumer electronics

South Korea puts cost of reunification with North Korea at US$500 billion | South China Morning Post – and I bet it would go up from there due to corruption and security issues

Recode Drops Comments | Recode – a blog without comments, also has implications for time on site, if I was an advertiser with them I would find this choice very curious

Beefed up iPhone crypto will lead to a child dying, DOJ warned Apple execs | Ars Technica – the problem is that this has been discredited by experts a number of times and they keep trotting it out

Technics To Launch FLAC Music Download Store Powered By 7Digital – hypebot – nice to see the name resurrected now about some decent pro-audio and DJ gear?

Huawei: KRYDER STORAGE CRISIS is REAL and ‘we’re working on it’ | The Register – is the cause of Kryder’s Law shrinkage a move to SSD and lack of investment in disk science?

Apple Releases Its Most Important Typeface In 20 Years | FastCompany – download the font, really nice

‘Qualcomm’s opportunities greater than challenges’ | RTHK – waiting for the second shoe to drop

Samsung will make far fewer phones next year | GigaOM – reducing SKUs, tidying up the brand and extensions. I guess this also means less risk, innovation and the decline of their successful ‘fast failure’ model

FB Techwire | Facebook – yet another way of wringing money out of businesses that do ‘over promotional’ posts

Opera’s app store will replace Nokia Store on feature phones | GigaOM  – and on Symbian handsets

Why Apple’s absurd valuation makes perfect sense | Quartz – it does seem insane to me….