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MPAA Considered Pulling Out of UK Pirate Notice Program | TorrentFreakBoth Vaizey and Luke felt that if notices only started going out in the months preceding the May 2015 general election that would be an unwelcome development. A delay on notice-sending until the fall of 2015 was preferred all round

Personal tracking and online identity – 31C3 – from the CCC conference watch this and have a serious think about the quantified self etc – Everyone’s reading it.: The Big Gushcloud Exposé – interesting Singapore blogger ad network spat

How the Graft Crackdown is Rippling Through China’s Economy | WSJ – (paywall)

The Battle for Space | Slate – really interesting overview of space technology

Apple expands its social presence with new iTunes Tumblr blog | 9to5Mac – social publishing

The tao of Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi | Techinasia – interesting model and a bit of a dick

Morgan Stanley Analysts Try GoPro, Discover Their Lives Are Boring | WSJ – just brilliant (paywall)

Google eyes Android to be built directly into cars | Shanghai Daily – is it ready for this?