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Things look a little different around here

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If you visit this site on a regular basis you may have noticed that it went through a couple of recent design changes. I was prompted to change the site for a number of reasons:

  • Site traffic via social channels seems to have surged in comparison to feed traffic, for a number of readers, the demise of Google Reader has lead to a use of Twitter as a substitute. Twitter is definitely the platform for this blog, referrals via Facebook only account for about 25 per cent of the traffic in comparison to Twitter
  • There are still a third of readers coming in via RSS, that still works for me and you’re welcome to keep consuming the content in whatever way works for you, but the web design became more important
  • Consumption of content using mobile devices (with a slight majority of the mobile device traffic coming in over wi-fi if the network domains can be believed). Mobile traffic to the blog has gone from essentially nothing in 2008 to 27% of visitors by the end of last year
  • Whilst mobile screen pixel counts have grown, there hasn’t been a merging of desktop and mobile experience in the way that I expected back when I used a Nokia E90 Communicator, which implied a laptop type view point with its 800-pixel wide screen. Whilst we seem to be happy to watch Breaking Bad in landscape, web consumption seems to be done in portrait
  • Having large content: big pictures and video is less important than it seemed to be in the past