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Why aren’t App Constellations working? Quibb members share some diverse opinions | Quibb – interesting that there are only US examples used here. There are wider issues with some of the companies mentioned especially Foursquare

Beware the Listening Machines – The Atlantic – Orwell was only a few decades out?

Royal Mail to deliver junk mail to shoppers after clicking on a product online | Daily Mail Online – offline retargeting

Oculus Rift Inventor Palmer Luckey: Virtual Reality Will Make Distance Irrelevant (Q&A) | Re/code – better video conferencing and gaming sound like initial big applications

Amazon’s New Plan to Pay Authors Every Time Someone Turns a Page – The Atlantic – novelists go with Gawker Media-esque model

Apple Pay Coming to MBNA Customers in the UK | MBNA – interesting that MBNA is pushing this release directly out to consumers via email marketing

Google’s DeepMind uses Daily Mail to teach computers how to read human language | Daily Mail Online – its actually about the bullet point summaries, but I can’t help feeling we are about to get screwed over by terminators with a fascist political outlook

A Robotic Dog’s Mortality – The New York Times – dealing with loss as your Aibo no longer works and can’t be serviced (paywall)

Kids like to beat up robots | Fusion – Half of the devil-children said they perceived that the robot seemed pained and stressed out by what they were doing to it. But they were unbothered by this, because children are evil.

6 reasons killing off Yahoo Pipes was a bad idea | VentureBeat – interesting piece on the pervasive influence of Yahoo!’s shuttered Pipes product

China Inc is leaving Wall Street for wrong reason | SCMP – market arbitrage play, privatise in the US, sell at a higher price on the Chinese stock markets (paywall)