Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week:

The office lighting we have uses infra red motion sensors to work out when you are there, Snow Peak Hozuki Lantern 2.0 “Listens” to Conserve Power. This is a camping lamp, thankfully it isn’t connected to the web a la your Google Android handset or the iPhone’s Siri.

adidas collaborator Pharrell Williams got in Zaha Hadid in to reshape the moulding at the front of the adidas Superstar

3D printed clothing

Forever 21 employed an awesome 4K screen based on multi-coloured threads. It is a piece of mechanical engineering beauty more here

A heavy metal cover version of The Bee Gees Staying Alive

And here is a bonus: I only found this the other day, an interesting video on the plasticity and how technology may rewire the brain