Links of the day | 在网上找到

Consolidation in Italy as Wind, 3 ink €21.8bn merger | TotalTelecom – I hope it won’t affect 3 UK roaming?

Fancy 10 Gbps home broadband? Broadcom’s built the guts of it | The Register – fibre dreams?

Less Money, Mo’ Music & Lots of Problems: A Look at the Music Biz | REDEF – interesting business analysis of the music industry

Apple denies plan to sell mobile services directly to consumers | Reuters – interesting that they went to the trouble of denying it. It might make sense for them to have a corporate MVNO for their staff

Nikkei report paints a disturbing picture of Konami | SiliconAngle – PR trainwreck

The Unemployable Programmer – a nice counterpoint to the ‘get everyone programming’ meme

Walt Disney Animation Studios | Hyperion technology – interesting write-up of their Hyperion render engine

Apple is testing a Siri voicemail transcription service – Business Insider – will it work any better than SpinVox?

brandchannel: Every Product Placement in ‘Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation’ – love the early press release quoted and remember getting to site in college

FBI Struggling With Cybersecurity Because of Shit Pay and Drug Tests – both of which says a lot about the war on drugs and government getting tech

Official Google Blog: Everything in its right place – downsizing of Google+. The move to break it up is viewed by many as a defeat, it also makes sense when one thinks of app constellations, though I cannot help think of Brad Garlinghouse’s famous ‘peanut butter manifesto’ at Yahoo! nine years earlier. Though that was a blatant grab for political power, it resonates with some of what seems to be happening at Google in terms of retrenchment

Why the fear over ubiquitous data encryption is overblown – The Washington Post – interesting op ed by a former head of the NSA, a former secretary of homeland security and a former US defence secretary challenging the intelligence industrial complex demands for weaker encryption and more surveillance legislation