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Google faces new US antitrust scrutiny, this time over smartphones – CNET – the US antitrust scrutiny could turn to action that would  fragment Android distributions quite dramatically… More Google related content here.

Researchers reveal millennials will take a 25,000 photos of themselves in their lifetime | Daily Mail Online – lifeblogging or qualitative ‘quantified self’?

Here’s where teens shop as old favorite stores go extinct | Fusion – Malls still are super important to teen culture as physical spaces you can go to hangout without parents

Are Millennials Delusional? Half Say They’ll Cover The Cost Of College For Their Kids – Forbes – quite how they will do this is another matter given the hockey stick pricing model that education seems to be following

TBS is giving eSports its mainstream moment with new weekly program – Digiday – interesting move, US media following normal practice in Korea

A brief history of scratching | FACT magazine – a great piece but skips over many of the greats prior to Q-Bert et al such as Mr Mixx, DJ Supreme and DJ Pogo

From Radio to Porn, British Spies Track Web Users’ Online Identities | The Intercept – basically you have no privacy, presumably this would allow them to zoom in on Tor users at some point?