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Chinese e-commerce firm sees revenue rise 52 per cent – SCMP – I bet that Amazon didn’t have a similar growth rate in China. is still relatively small compared to the dominant position of Alibaba in the Chinese e-commerce market.

China’s Strategy For Global Technology Dominance By Any Means Necessary – Forbes – nice outline of US-China fault lines

Can Facebook Messenger kill off apps? – Telegraph – I was surprised by the Viber numbers on this, I didn’t think it was that active, WeChat seems to be the target of the article placement and the Facebook exec ignores app constellations – Tencent, Netease, NHN, Google etc.

So many Apple devices now! What’s an app maker to do? – CNET – I have been thinking about this particularly with regards to tablet devices, tablet devices are a particular issue. A combination of form factors with the iPad Pro and longer hardware upgrade times than smartphones

Hutchison eyes next wave of growth | South China Morning Post – likely international expansion

Chinese Scientists Unveil New Stealth Material Breakthrough – Defense One – this must be uncomfortable for the US

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day generates $3.9 billion in sales in the first hour | VentureBeat – which just gives you an idea of the size of China’s consumer base