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Cross Device Tracking Creates New Privacy Concerns, FTC Says | Advertising Age – “They do this under the veil of anonymous identifiers and hashed P.I.I. [personally-identifiable information], but these identifiers are still persistent and can provide a strong link to the same individual online and offline,” Ms. Ramirez said, in language that challenges the typical rhetoric from companies that track consumers.”Not only can these profiles be used to draw sensitive inferences about consumers, there is also a risk of unexpected and unwelcome use of data generated from cross device tracking” (paywall) – interesting that cross device tracking is seen as a ‘new privacy concern’ rather than an established one. This delay between regulatory attention and development is why cross device tracking companies have such an advantage over governments and consumers

Five myths about the Chinese economy | McKinsey & Company – China has been faking it. it’s economy lacks the capacity to innovate, environmental degradation is at a point of no return, unproductive investment & rising debt fuels its rapid growth and its stability is threatened by polarising inequity – nice piece by McKinsey that points the counterarguments to these oft-quoted ideas. Under-estimating or over-estimating China are both flaws in the west. More on China here.