Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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A special mention would go to the National Lottery whose website this evening showed how not to cater for peak demand as I explained to my Dad what 503 and 404  error codes were over the phone when he couldn’t purchase his Euromillions ticket for at least and hour. I hope his number doesn’t come in this time, otherwise he will be insufferable. Having worked on National Lottery online projects before and known how brutal they can be on testing for Facebook apps this downtime was especially surprising.

Y&R Philippines’ ‘Water Lamp’ for North Face Wins Tinta Awards | Marketing Innovation – basic electro-chemistry meant that chemically treated paper and water created enough electricity to power an LED light for 12 hours.

Liquid Stop Sign: Emergency Laser Projection on Sheet of Water | Web Urbanist – has a real ‘Blade Runner’ feel to it. Visually stunning, great example of a web of no web type phenomenon

To give you an idea of the clout that Alibaba and their Single’s Day sale has in China on November 11 each year – you only have to look at the TV spectacular that Jack Ma and company put on featuring the likes of Daniel Craig and Kevin Spacey in his President Frank Underwood character

Porta Estel·lar or Stargate for those of you who don’t speak Catalan is an amazing immersive art installation built inside the chassis. It draws you in visually. More on it here

Porta Estel·lar from Playmodes Studio on Vimeo.

Its an amazing use of an old airplane body.