Links of the day | 在网上找到

Mossberg: An Encryption ‘Backdoor’ Is a Bad Idea – Re/code – listen to Uncle Walt people

The best buyer for Yahoo’s core internet business may be… Alibaba – not convinced that they would want to

Pando: Has Pando missed the heart of the Uber problem? A transportation industry expert writes… – a must read (paywall)

Daring Fireball: Bloomberg: ‘Apple Gets More Bang for Its R&D Buck’ – but where does this leave them in terms of patents?

Airbnb CEO Blames TBWA for S.F. Campaign That ‘Embarrassed’ the Company – really? At the least AirBnB paid for the campaign and signed off on the creative. The response kind of mirrors the passive aggression tone of the original ads which feels like provenance to me

No need for detergent—ultrasonic-infused water can clean by itself

How to Fix Everything | Motherboard – Apple quietly stopped accepting applications for “Authorized Service Provider” designations in 2010. There are the seizures of “counterfeit” parts being imported from China that may be legally legitimate. There are the lease programs carriers and Apple have started that ensure you won’t ever actually “own” a phone ever again

Troy Hunt – Inside the massive VTech hack – interesting diagnosis of breach

Could China have an ICAC? HKEJ Insight – it would be interesting if it did