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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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I am a big fan of this Ron Mexico mix, it has a west coast vibe a la Doubledown and Tango Recordings, enjoy. More on the mystery that is Ron Mexico here.

Mercedes teamed with J-pop act Perfume to create an animetastic advert

Yahoo! Hong Kong looks for relevance in Hong Kong with these rather good adverts. Between marketing efforts like this and the revamped Messenger app, I don’t think its whether Yahoo! has the chops for mobile services, but rather whether it has brand permission – which I doubt is the case in the US and western Europe. Even Lycos came up with critically acclaimed products like iQ, unfortunately consumers refused to take them on board.

Short of Hank Williams III, Tom Hiddleston is probably who I would choose to play country legend Hank Williams, here’s the trailer

Rich Siegel creator of Mac programme BBEdit on the current state of developing for the Apple eco-system