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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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I am a big fan of this Ron Mexico mix, it has a west coast vibe a la Doubledown and Tango Recordings, enjoy. More on the mystery that is Ron Mexico here.

Mercedes teamed with J-pop act Perfume to create an animetastic advert

Yahoo! Hong Kong looks for relevance in Hong Kong with these rather good adverts. Between marketing efforts like this and the revamped Messenger app, I don’t think its whether Yahoo! has the chops for mobile services, but rather whether it has brand permission – which I doubt is the case in the US and western Europe. Even Lycos came up with critically acclaimed products like iQ, unfortunately consumers refused to take them on board.

Short of Hank Williams III, Tom Hiddleston is probably who I would choose to play country legend Hank Williams, here’s the trailer

Rich Siegel creator of Mac programme BBEdit on the current state of developing for the Apple eco-system

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Mossberg: An Encryption Backdoor Is a Bad Idea – Re/code – Walt Mossberg explains in non-technical terms why an encryption backdoor is a really bad idea. More security related content here.

The best buyer for Yahoo’s core internet business may be… Alibaba – not convinced that Alibaba would want to. There few synergies with its existing business and would need a major effort to reinvigorate the Yahoo! operations overseas. Then there would be the political issue of a Chinese company being obliged to support the Chinese government in their intelligence efforts holding hundreds of millions of email and instant messaging accounts….

Pando: Has Pando missed the heart of the Uber problem? A transportation industry expert writes… – a must read (paywall)

Daring Fireball: Bloomberg: ‘Apple Gets More Bang for Its R&D Buck’ – but where does this leave them in terms of patents?

Airbnb CEO Blames TBWA for S.F. Campaign That ‘Embarrassed’ the Company – really? At the least AirBnB paid for the campaign, signed off on the brief and signed off on the creative. The response kind of mirrors the passive aggressive tone of the original ads. This feels like provenance to me rather than allowing AirBnb to build space between themselves and the campaign.

No need for detergent—ultrasonic-infused water can clean by itself – jewellers and laboratories have been using ultrasonic baths for decades. It will remove the food, but it won’t necessarily clean germs.

How to Fix Everything | Motherboard – Apple quietly stopped accepting applications for “Authorized Service Provider” designations in 2010. There are the seizures of “counterfeit” parts being imported from China that may be legally legitimate. There are the lease programs carriers and Apple have started that ensure you won’t ever actually “own” a phone ever again

Troy Hunt – Inside the massive VTech hack – interesting diagnosis of the breach by Troy.

Could China have an ICAC? HKEJ Insight – it would be interesting if it did. I don’t think it would work with the rule of law as a tool of political power.

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Not all engagement is good engagement

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When thinking about the nature of engagement; I think that it is important to differentiate between bad and good engagement. One of the key issues is that engagement metrics currently don’t distinguish between bad and good engagement. Not all engagement is good engagement.

In terms of a case in point about good engagement, let’s look at the brand Burberry. It’s hard to understand how far the Burberry brand has some over the past decade. So the brand has fallen hard from the overall decline of luxury sales in China, but just ten years ago it ran the risk of losing its luxury status completely. The brand first faced seeing its product becoming terrace wear as football casual firms dressed in Burberry prior to their violent clashes. Then chavs took to wearing the iconic Burberrycheck.

I remember seeing a Japanese lady at SymbianWorld around this time dressed in a well tailored Burberry check suit as part of her business attire and finding it completely at odds with my perception of the brand.

So it makes sense that ‘bad neighbourhoods’ offline would have similar effects to online. There is now research to back this up. The bad neighbourhood identified is people who brag in social posts. Scopelliti, Lowenstein and Vosgerau have done quantified the adverse effect that bragging has on relationships.

The second thing in the research is that those doing the bragging are so utterly unaware of its effects on their audience.

More information
The two faces of Burberry | The Guardian
Burberry versus The Chavs – BBC
Scopelliti I., Loewenstein G., & Vosgerau J. (2015) “You Call It ‘Self-Exuberance,’ I Call It ‘Bragging.’ Miscalibrated Predictions of Emotional Responses to Self-Promotion,” Psychological Science, 26(6), 903-914.

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