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The Internet of Things is already here—just not the way you expected | The Kernel – really good read

Aeon ATM to put cash at your fingertips Aeon Bank will start a trial run of ATM services operated through fingerprints in February, a potential boon to people who are absentminded about their bank cards, passbooks or four-digit codes. Unfortunately, this

LG Betting Big on OLED TV for 2016 – This highlights how far Sony and Panasonic fell

Jolla announces that it is unable to fulfill all Jolla Tablet crowdfunding perks – I have a lot of time for Jolla but this has been badly handled

Fred Wilson’s Predictions for 2016 – not convinced some of these are up to Fred Wilson’s gold plated reputations for calls

Books and newspapers will do just fine in 2016. Magazines? Not so much – interesting that print books are making a comeback for children’s literature and adult colouring books

2016 in mobile: Visit a components mall in China… 30 min later, you’re a manufacturer • The Register – one trend overshadowed all others in 2015: there’s tons and tons of everything, massive over-capacity in components

深二:growing pains | Shenzhen Noted – complex social structure of Shenzhen