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Here’s How Free Basics Is Actually Being Sold Around The World – BuzzFeed News – no real surprises on how Facebook Free Basics was looking to hoover up more of the developing world as Facebook users. It is not surprising that it wasn’t well received in countries like India.

Hong Kong: Beijing opens a new chapter – – title belies the copy. The Causeway Bay Books owners and publishers underwent extra ordinary rendition. The apparent reason was to keep an unauthorised biography of Xi Jingping out of print. These books seem to be written for the Chinese market by overseas dissidents. I knew of colleagues with families on the mainland who were asked to bring these books home each lunar new year. Many of of the customers at Causeway Bay Books were mainland Chinese desperate for the inside scoop that they didn’t get through party controlled newspapers. (paywall). More Hong Kong related posts here.

Daring Fireball: Mossberg: ‘Twitter Has Become Secret-Handshake Software’ – interesting debate on user experience