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HOW TO: Shenzhen Spring Festival/Chinese New Year | Dangerous Prototypes – great write-up that nails how Shenzhen feels over Chinese new year. One thing that people forget is that Shenzhen is a town of immigrants from other parts of China. That becomes apparent during the Chinese new year in Shenzhen. More on China here.

Daring Fireball: New York Times Publishes Report on iPhone Security and China – irony of Dept of Justice and State Department being at cross purposes is an interesting dynamic

WeChat had more mobile transactions over just Chinese New Year than PayPal had during 2015 | The Drum – a lot of this is down to the relative attractiveness of electronic payments. The largest denomination Chinese bank note is worth about £9. So Chinese money is more inconvenient hard currency in other countries. In the west credit and debit cards are well established by comparison to their Chinese counterparts.

Facebook for Business Influencers – Edelman

Adidas, Asics, Under Armour Spend $1 Billion on Fitness Apps | Business of Fashion – interesting how sports apparel brands are

Coming of Age: Millennials – Pornhub Insights – more about millennials than you probably ever want to know – more about millennials than you probably ever want to know