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The Guardian website will no longer allow comments under articles about race, immigration and Islam | – interesting that The Guardian stopped at just articles about race, immigration and Islam. Also controversial given its stance on censorship

Chips on their shoulders | The Economist – THE Chinese government has been trying, on and off, since the 1970s to build an indigenous semiconductor industry. But its ambitions have never been as high, nor its budgets so big, as they are now. More on semiconductors here and on China here.

How Facebook tracks and profits from voters in a $10bn US election | US news | The Guardian – there goes the West Wing approach to campaigns

Attackers Use Word Docs to Deliver BlackEnergy Malware | SecurityWeek.Com – The advanced persistent threat (APT) actor behind the recent attacks targeting Ukraine has started delivering BlackEnergy malware using specially crafted Word documents with embedded macros.

Twitter Execs Are Annoyed At Facebook For Referring To Them As “Social Media” – BuzzFeed News – At any moment Facebook trending posts always include 2 stories about things happening “on social media” … — Whitewashing Twitter out of news agenda

Completely Ignoring the DMCA an Option for Torrent Sites? – Rutracker gets blocked in Russia so strips anti piracy bodies of special ‘takedown’ accounts

TransferWise’s revenues grew by 5x in 2015 — but so did losses – For many companies unicorn status seem to share dot bomb characteristics

Does Better Internet Access Wind Up Disenfranchising Lower Income Groups? – As counterintuitive as it seems, reducing the digital divide isn’t necessarily beneficial: Our results show that participation in local elections has dramatically declined in recent years, in part as the internet has displaced other media with greater local news content

Vampire Weekend Played This Classic Song in Honor of Bernie Sanders in Iowa – use of music industry supporters to gather votes is interesting, particularly in the mid-west

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Oprah time: China’s Coming War With Asia by Jonathan Holslag

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China’s Coming War With Asia: where do I start with a book title this inflammatory? I went to the trouble of reading the book twice before starting this review. In the end, the only conclusion I can come to is ‘Policy Faultlines in East Asia’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Holsag marshals a huge range of facts and opinions within the book. If you want to have a basic understanding of modern Chinese state, the book is a good primer.

He provides insight into the Chinese Communist’s Party’s policy cornerstone of territory maximisation. They were happy to put off their agenda for tactical advantage, but never gave up on their goals. China’s neighbours have similar inflexible policy goals. There is is no win-win solution.

Time has brought increased pressures. A fight for resources to fuel further growth and water rights conflicts. Relative declines in economic growth also fuels nationalistic politics. In China, nationalistic sentiments in citizens grew with prosperity. It has become convenient for politicians to tap into nationalistic sentiments.

Holsag doesn’t attempt to provide a solution for de-escalation of these edges. His book only provides a macro-level understanding of the countries involved. For the reader who wants to understand Asia, Holsag’s book is an excellent primer.  More on China’s Coming War With Asia by Jonathan Holsag.

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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VGA In Memoriam | Hackaday – interesting overview of the VGA display technology. Although as with many technology standards, declaration of its death is likely to be premature. Instead it will gradually decline, but still be supported by a variety of connecting dongles. We still see component video and audio feeds available on the latest television sets alongside HDMI connectors. More technology related posts here.

Why the iPad Is Going Extinct | New Republic – Interesting assessment of the tablet form factor. One point that the article misses is that tablets also have long replacement cycles. Hand-me-down and secondhand sales for iPads then become important. Relatively speaking the iPad offers a good ratio of computing power to price. But it isn’t a replacement for a laptop. It is no paradigm change on the scale of the PC or the smartphone and that is why it looks doomed to the author. Instead the iPad is a replacement for the portable DVD player, a coffee table magazine or a portable TV for consuming content. It does have roles in replacing paperwork and processes for people like airline pilots who previously would have had a pilots case with a thick binder. In it would be maps, way points, check lists, worksheets computer printouts and reference materials.

What Influences the Influencers? ComRes/Burson-Marsteller 2016 EU Media Poll findings unveiled – Burson-Marsteller – interesting to see Politico rank highly. It has enjoyed a relatively fast ascendancy to influence, particularly outside the US.

5 new luxury retail formats to look out for this year – Luxury Daily – Columns – peer to peer fashion lending (AirBnB for bags). It is the  sort of the role that the pawn broker and secondhand stores played to date. It represents a further democratisation of luxury, which in turn causes a bigger question to me. What does this democratisation mean for luxury in the future?