Links of the day | 在网上找到

So you want to get your money out of China? Cut out and keep edition | FT Alphaville – (paywall)

Big in Japan! Geomagnetic indoor positioning | Electronics EETimes – interesting deals by IndoorAtlas with Yahoo! Japan, SK Planet (Korean commerce service) and Baidu

Ad Blockers and the Next Chapter of the Internet | HBR – retargeting blamed via Daniel Appelquist

I, Cringely The FBI v. Apple isn’t at all the way you think it is – I, Cringely – interesting hypothesis

Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo is now streaming on Pornhub | Dazed Digital – interesting channel to be used. Part of a wider ‘mainstreamisation’ of the platforms which has started with Diesel advertising on them

Cisco Rolls 16nm ASICs | EE Times – interesting that Huawei is only 3.2% of data centre switches, I expect this to change over time; particularly in China and developing world countries

Indonesia to Facebook, Google, and Twitter: Pay local taxes or we’ll block you – Last month Indonesian president Joko Widodo toured Silicon Valley and paid visits to the area’s tech giants. Now, it’s their turn to pay Indonesia something—namely, local taxes. – This could make the UK government’s settlement look foolish

Scary Data – Trends in Malware, Phishing, Site Cleaning and Bad Networks – Wordfence – pretty damning data for Hong Kong Telecom in this analysis

Technics Reveal Why The New SL-1200 Turntable Costs $4000 – Magnetic Magazine – destroying all that plant looks like an expensive mistake

Why BlackBerry Is a Hit in Indonesia – Digits – WSJ – BBM 55m monthly active users, Facebook messenger & WhatsApp 50m MAUs, LINE 30m MAUs

SFX Is Auctioning Off Beatport | HypeBot – not terribly surprising.

Afternoonify – interesting search audit technology