Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that have made my day this week:

The 100 Soundscapes of Japan: A list of Japan’s greatest natural, cultural, and industrial sounds – the kind of project that the web was made of

Burberry explores Mr. Burberry’s narrative via GQ films | Luxury Daily – its a smart time for Burberry to use this to work out a new brand positioning in the light of changing luxury market dynamics and its brand consolidation for Burberry Britain etc.

I am a sucker for 1990s style CGI animation which seemed trippier and full of promise for an immersive cyber world that we would be able to one day jack into. This pre-film trailer for Regal Cinemas in the US is a classic example  of this. Play it on a big enough screen and it swallows you up without the need for 3D glasses.

WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts—The First All Girl Radio Station in the Nation—Part 1 by The Kitchen Sisters on PRX – really interesting documentary on the US’s first all-women radio station. Some of the interviews are shockingly sexist in a way that couldn’t happen today

We know acne, we don’t know teens. – YouTube – nice bit of honest marketing by Clearasil