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In China, Uber faces battle to usurp Didi | FT – not surprising. Both companies have large investors behind them. Uber also has ‘non tariff’ barriers against it since it isn’t Chinese. More on Didi here.

Nest Failure: How things went south once Google became Alphabet | BGR – interesting how the move to a holding group structure meant a big change in management culture. First Boston Dynamics, now Nest. Googlers I know are also complaining about the change in culture. They feel that they are disempowered in comparison to pre-Alphabet

Adidas Relies On Stars Not Soccer Teams To Sell Product | Business of Fashion – I would argue that would be the same for most boot brands, shirt deals are often not that profitable

★ App Store Subscription Uncertainty – From Lauren Goode’s interview with Phil Schiller for The Verge, specifically regarding the new 85/15 revenue split after the first year of a subscription. I wonder how this would work for Netflix et al?

Report: People Are Spending Much Less Time On Social Media | Slashdot – not too sure how much store I put in Similarweb’s data

US brands dominate through disruption | Kantar Worldwide – latest US BrandZ results

ANA report alleges widespread ad agency kickback schemes – Business Insider – and this is a surprise because? Programmatic offers even bigger opportunities for fun and profit

WTF are ‘dark posts’? | Digiday – surely this is a variant of online PR?

A former employee says Google’s smart contact lens is ‘slideware’ that exists only in PowerPoint presentations (GOOG, GOOGL) – not terribly surprising, power is the number one issue facing the device

In China, global brands are losing advantage | Kantar – higher confidence levels in product and their country mean that global brands have work harder

Apple Music Enlists Designers to Curate Playlists, Starting With Alexander Wang | Racked – why isn’t this being sold as a branding opportunity?

ComScore Says People Prefer Ads in Podcasts Over Any Other Digital Medium | Adweek – surely these findings are positive for radio and streaming audio as well?

Why Britain banned mobile apps | GovInsider – cost centric rather than user centric?

Project Soli – Wave hello to Soli touchless interactions Soli is a new sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions.

Exclusive: Snowden Tried to Tell NSA About Surveillance Concerns, Documents Reveal | VICE News – there is something quite reassuring about the clod handed nature of the response to this

Olympic athletes will sport Visa’s new payment ring in Rio | Engadget – no radical leap forward in NFC