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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Microsoft touts special edition of Samsung Galaxy S8 | ZDNet – interesting that its now focused on apps for the Android eco-system for Microsoft phones (made by Samsung), it is a good enterprise story for Samsung though

Li & Fung misses estimates with 47pc decline in 2016 profit | SCMP – they’ve been declining for a while, but is this drop part of the (western market) retail apocalypse

How we made the typeface Comic Sans | The Guardian – interesting read – Microsoft Bob, which was designed to make computers more accessible to children. I booted it up and out walked this cartoon dog, talking with a speech bubble in Times New Roman. Dogs don’t talk in Times New Roman! Conceptually, it made no sense.

WATCH – Article 50: Professor Michael Dougan on Northern Ireland – University of Liverpool – really interesting analysis

More Ways to Share with the Facebook Camera | Facebook Newsroom – Facebook clones another Snapchat feature

Ruder Finn Launches App-Based Reputation Risk Management System | Holmes Report – I remember Zaheer Nooruddin showed me one of these years ago at B-M

Boris savages ‘disgusting’ Google | The Times & The Sunday Times – two things; one Google could be considered to be a straw man, a distraction from the big issues facing the government like Brexit. Two, since when has New Corp demonstrated the kind of social responsibility Boris talks about? Google and Facebook have issues, but the messenger lacks credibility

初 | hygiene | 기본

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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It had been a busy week with a couple of research projects becoming all consuming through the week. Here are the things that made my day this week:

BaselWorld left us with a plethora of new watches which belies the decline of the go-go days China luxury buying. Sales are down over 20 percent from what they were. This is actually back closer to a more normal market, but it fits in with technology journalists narrative that smart watches are going to eat the world.  The reality is more complex, even the most successful fitness bands have had financial problems.

It is too early to tell about Android and Tenzen powered efforts. Apple seems to be doing ok. The change does seem to have rattled Rolex a little – rather than moving at its own pace it seems to be listening more closely to fan demands such as this double red Sea-Dweller with a cyclops magnifier for the date shows.

Cheil London have cashed in on YouTube phenomenon ‘Korean Billy’ quite shrewdly

Kong Seong-Jae was a smart person to bring in in order to help with Cheil’s ‘Huawei-like’ branding for western audience and his appointment of Cheil London’s chief communications officer was a nice April 1, prank.

Really nice video by the local government promoting Hikone to domestic tourists in Japan.

Reebok China’s 80 year old ambassador Wang Deshun redefines aging, more about it on Dazed Digital.

Vintage Leeds club night have some of their best mixes up on Mixcloud, here’s one from Sasha