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My new chapter: joining Google to better explain search & help bridge the gap – Danny is a great person to fill the hole left by Matt Cutts and more

Supreme Said Close to Deal with Carlyle | Business Of Fashion – was the Louis Vuitton deal just rolling out the carpet for private equity interest?

The Uber app can secretly spy on iPhone screens – BGR – mother fucker…

A Farewell to AIM: AOL Instant Messenger Shutting Down in December – ExtremeTech – wow. The ironic thing is that messenger services could (and should) have been the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger of today

Screwdriving. Locating and exploiting smart adult toys | Pen Test Partners – one more security issue to worry about

Guess what Chinese travellers are bringing back home? VPNs, lots of them | South China Morning Post – exaggerates the volume of desire for unfettered access – outside the intelligentsia, most won’t care

Why isn’t Apple Pay taking off? | The Drum – and other NFC payment technologies for that matter

Survey: Facebook (FB) is the big tech company that people trust least — Quartz – its only 1,600 Quartz readers

Yahoo says all of its 3bn accounts were affected by 2013 hacking | Technology | The Guardian – how is this only coming out now?

How supermarkets choose where to open … and where to close | Cities | The Guardian – even retailers don’t like chavvy areas

High Sierra’s Disk Utility does not recognize unformatted disks | Tinyapps – a lot of a fuck up there Apple, although its now fixed by a security update. Related – Think twice before encrypting your HFS+ volumes on High Sierra | Carbon Copy Cloner – big issue