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Chinese woman offered refund after facial recognition allows colleague to unlock iPhone X | South China Morning Post – when you have a huge population like China even small odds become significant – I do have a nagging doubt about if the story is true though

Outlaw Appeal: The Yakuza in Film and Print | Nippon – nice analysis of the Yakuza in popular culture

Telling AI to not replicate itself is like telling teenagers to just not have sex | Quartz – runaway singularity?

No news, just snooze: Japan’s paper deliverers enjoy press holiday | World news | The Guardian – I love that Japan still values print

FT Opening Quote – Dixons Carphone profits fall 60% – UK consumer upgrade cycle stretched. More people going for SIM only deals and upgrades are pretty meh (paywall)

Family Greatly | Kraft Brand – YouTube – classic planner driven creative targeting important family moments. Textbook FMCG advertising