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AT&T Backs Off Deal to Sell Smartphones From China’s Huawei – WSJ – if true it represents a spectacular loss of face for Huawei. There would be likely internal repercussions in Shenzhen as it dents the company’s reputation as a brand on the rise, its aspiration to be seen as a globally recognised premium brand and the oft talked about objective of cracking the US handset market beyond burner phones

GoPro quits the drone business – The Verge – because DJI

A Concise History of the Smartwatch – Bloomberg – quite a nice bit of analysis

TCCC Unity on the App Store – Coca-Cola did an iPhone app to explain the ethos behind its bespoke fonts (presumably beyond not having to pay licence fees and hubris)…

First Amazon Alexa-Enabled Digital Glasses to Debut at CES – Bloomberg – don’t sound particularly promising

Your Car May Soon Start Serving You Ads | Slashdot – it begs a question about the economics of car software

Create & Share Your Own Marvel Comics | Coming Soon – Sign Up Now!  – Horrible caveats to usage but could be interesting for notices around the office – memes etc

Imaginary Soundscape – Qosmo, inc. – machine learning guesstimated soundscapes

Click-to-WhatsApp messaging buttons are now rolling out in Facebook ads | TechCrunch – makes total sense in markets like Hong Kong where so much brand and business communications happens on WhatsApp

Japanese convenience stores showing “hardening of society” with touch-screen age verification? – Japan is a high trust society lying would be a really big deal

Pony Ma, the global strategist with deep pockets | FT – interesting profile of Pony Ma, CEO of Tencent

Tucker Sno-Cats Are the Latest Toys of the Superrich – Bloomberg – interesting design approach focusing on floating over the snow