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Rupert Murdoch Tells Facebook to Pay ‘Trusted’ Publishers | AdAge – channeling my inner Zuckerberg would be “f___ off you grasping dinosaur; no one gives a toss about news; who the f___ do you think I am Yahoo!?”

Groom box, shaving set – Bic Shave Club – interesting move by Bic. Having grown up with Bic Orange and been traumatised at how easy they were to blunt I am a bit skeptical

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg acts to stem user exodus | The Times & The Sunday Times – worthwhile bearing in mind the campaign by News International against Alphabet and Facebook

‘Terrifying’: How a single line of computer code put thousands of innocent Turks in jail | CBC News – incompetent forensics based on a tracking pixel linked back to the domain of the offending app

The case for breaking up Big Tech – Axios – reading The Four at the moment

Intel Has a Big Problem. It Needs to Act Like It – Bloomberg – to be fair ARM has a similar problem (paywall)

Richemont offers €2.8 billion to buy Yoox Net-A-Porter | RTE – interesting consolidation move with a focus on e-commerce and Net-a-Porter’s database

On Seriously Rethinking the Digital Economy – Study Hacks – Cal Newport – The current market treats data as capital: the “natural exhaust from consumption to be collected by firms” for use in training their AI-driven golden gooses.

Lanier and company suggest an alternative: data as labor. Put simply, if a major platform monopoly wants your data to help build a multi-billion dollar empire, they must pay you for it. Offering a free service in return is not enough

Sphero lays off dozens as it shifts focus to education | TechCrunch – not terribly surprising, they managed to ride some great fads