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German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses, operator says | Reuters – why do the USB chargers on airplane cockpits have any intelligence at all that would store a virus and allow it propagate. I would be very paranoid about using any USB chargers in coffee shops or an aircraft seat moving forwards. It’s one of the reasons why I love having a power bank

Ogilvy’s rebrand reveals an ad industry in confusion | Thomas Barta – an inhouse marketers perspective on things. If you substituted the word advertising for PR in this as a discipline it could be an analysis of all agencies.

iPhone maker Foxconn is churning out “Foxbots” to replace its human workers — Quartz – this is partly down to some of the manual dexterity required being similar to a watchmaker in some parts of the assembly. The process is repeatable, but hard to deliver

[Publish] Facebook Profiles can no longer be connected to Buffer Publish – Buffer FAQ – well that’s a bit of a bummer