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Why Do We Care So Much About Privacy? | The New Yorker

Nestlé: Betting on big brands | FT – smarter approach to FMCG marketing than 3 G Capital’s subsistence farming approach at Heinz-Kraft

Big Four risk losing public trust, says KPMG | Business | The Times – chairman of KPMG has admitted that Britain’s largest accounting firms risk eroding public trust in the profession after a series of scandals and must re-evaluate their business models to prevent conflicts of interest – Carillion feels like an Enron-lite type scandal. I may see an Arthur Andersen moment in the disaster capital shitfest that will play out in the shadow of Brexit

High Fidelity Raises $35 Million For Blockchain VR Venture | Fortune – just for that headline which looks like tech fridge poetry

LADYMAX – Rimowa distribution in tier one Chinese cities – LVMH getting their money’s worth allegedly taking back control of distribution. restricting it and jacking prices up by 20% (original post in Chinese)