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The Internet of Stupid Things

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A more charitable phrase for what many consumers call the Internet of Shit. Yes lots of products can be internet enabled, but should they be? There is a mix of challenges that result in products which fall into the following two categories:

  • Products that are internet enabled but shouldn’t be – the Happy Fork or the Griffin Smart Toaster being classic examples. I found the Griffin Smart Toaster particularly disappointing as the company’s products such as the PowerMate are generally really good
  • Products that would be benefit from tech, but shouldn’t rely on the the cloud. I’d argue that Nest would fit in this category where cloud outages could have serious impacts on the consumer

It is interesting to see that Li & Fung (who are famous for global supply chain management provided to western brands and retailers) are involved in this. It is also interesting that they are taking such a proactive view on experience design education.

The qualitative design research Li & Fung did on skiing wearables for a client – made me wonder what value do Li & Fung’s clients bring to the table.

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ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

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South Korea’s spy cam porn epidemic – BBC News – not just a Korean problem. Technology raises its own social problems and riffs on existing issues in society

Times Stands By Editorial Board Member After Outcry Over Old Tweets – The New York Times – Jeong is an expert in internet issues including abuse and bullying behaviour. The tweet is a small issue the thorough trolling Jeong dumped on Naomi Wu more on this here: Shenzhen Tech Girl Naomi Wu: My experience with Sarah Jeong, Jason Koebler, and Vice Magazine

Apple Mac sales slip 13% in Q2 2018 – INSIDER – How much of this is down to the bullshit ‘size zero’ industrial design that screws the thermal handling of the devices – the iPad / iPhone narrative is deceptive

Axios – US start up running fab in Minnesota – part of wider DARPA driven movement. More here: DARPA has an ambitious $1.5 billion plan to reinvent electronics – MIT Technology Review

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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五) | 금요일에 다섯 가지

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Check out these beautiful infographics by Jane Pong. She previously worked at the South China Morning Post.

How the ideogram structure and smartphones are affecting Chinese literacy

Trendwatching on the future of retail

Saul Bass on Why Man Creates via Jed Hallam’s newsletter

Ogilvy Consulting on buyer behaviour

What’s Next: Insights & Buyer Behavior from Ogilvy Consulting