Five for Friday | 五日(星期五) | 금요일에 다섯 가지

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Things that made my day this week:

Just when you think that Sesame Street can’t get any more awesome, you find out that they’re putting out content like this

Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Googly Eyes’ isn’t just a gimmick but a classic bit of human computer interaction thinking. The cars gaze passes important information to pedestrians in its ‘line-of-sight’

Hypebeast founder Kevin Ma plays blinder; offering to pick up the tab for every ticket to Hypefest.

Culture and learning shouldn’t have a price attached to it.

I will personally cover the cost of tickets to make Hypefest a free experience for all.

Over a decade ago, I began a website documenting the things we love. Next month we will be holding our very first festival @hypefest which will bring our culture to life. To celebrate this moment, I will be personally covering the cost of tickets to provide free tickets for everyone. All are welcome to come share this moment with use. Tickets available tomorrow 12PM tomorrow on

CHiPs ‘roller disco’ – the most Seventies bit of television ever. I’ve heard this being used as the intro track on some of Luxxury’s mixes.

Sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

At the time you had film stars making guest appearances on television. The movie studio system hadn’t glommed on to blockbusters yet and was in the thrall of directors of the American New Wave. There wasn’t a lot of roles at the time for stars of the 1960s like Breakfast at Tiffany’s George Peppard. Others like Lee Van Cleef went to work in the Italian and Asian film industries.

They probably didn’t know that change was just around the corner the launch of the over budget and under-appreciated Heaven’s Gate put an end to the American New Wave.

Steven Spielberg and others brought in the rise of the blockbuster and the studio system was saved. But George Peppard never made another cinematic film.

Finally a 1970 concert film of Miles Davis performing the title track from Bitches Brew