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Apple reportedly shifting more iPhone XR orders to Foxconn from Pegatron, says paper  – Pegatron’s production has been affected by a lower-than-expected yield rate and shortages of workers at its plants in China – the manpower issue is very interesting and implies a possible rift between the factories and local government. China has just begun to see a decline in worker numbers overall in its population

Brands throwing cash at sponsorship with little idea of return, report finds – Mumbrella Asia – not terribly surprising

Deepfakes web α | Generate your own Deepfakes – Japanese currency denominated service

Smart cities — too clever by half? | Financial Times – hell is other people’s technology

Life insurance company John Hancock wants to track your Fitbit data – Vox – very sinister

Software disenchantment @ tonsky.me – innovation entropy

Adobe Changes Its Marketing Cloud Trajectory With Marketo Acquisition – this going to be a very different marketing / sale model for Adobe

Alexa, Blow My Mind | Gartner L2 – Apple’s recent iPhone and Apple Watch launch lacked buzz in comparison to previous launches