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Yahoo Answers

Reading Time: 11 minutes Back in 2005, I worked in the search group at Yahoo!. One of the projects that I worked on was Yahoo Answers. 16 years later, Yahoo Answers is being closed down. I thought I would capture some of my memories and inside knowledge on Yahoo Answers. But first we need some context so that what… Continue reading Yahoo Answers

The Yahoo! Data Breach Post

Reading Time: 2 minutes 2014 brought us a Yahoo! data breach only disclosed now; it formally declared the breach to consumers on September 22. This isn’t the first large data breach breach that Yahoo! has had over the past few years just the largest. In 2012, there was a breach of 450,000+ identities back in 2012. Millions of identity… Continue reading The Yahoo! Data Breach Post

Yahoo’s downfall

Reading Time: 8 minutes I’ve seen a lot written about Yahoo’s downfall. Most of it lacks insight. And at the most basic level lacks precision. Yahoo is an employee who works at Yahoo! or Y! (the Y-bang). It was the best culture I ever worked in; and the most dysfunctional company that I ever worked for. I got to… Continue reading Yahoo’s downfall