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The things that I’ve learned in agency life

Reading Time: 5 minutes Seven years ago I wrote about lessons that I’d learned in agency life. I wanted to think about how well those lessons stack up now. Work with at least one thing you are passionate about. I once read what was reputed to be a Japanese proverb: in order to do great work you have to […]

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Ten things that annoy in agency life

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shamelessly inspired by this post over at PR Moment: People assuming that everything is as malleable and easy to change as a press release. Video, graphic design, social media programmes and website builds are some things that don’t do mission creep well and once you set them on a run you have to stay the […]

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27 more things I’ve learned in agency life | 27 业务课

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last November I put together 27 things that I’d learned in agency life. I thought I would add some more to it: Learn how to mind-map. I found that it comes in really handy for structuring my thoughts when writing and taking down ideas when listening to conference panels, keynotes and the like. I’ve never […]