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App constellations 2018 research

Reading Time: 4 minutes I initially looked at app constellations back in 2014, when Fred Wilson put a name to the the phenomena. And every two years or so I have gone back and looked at a number of major internet companies to see how many different types of apps that they had in play. I originally selected the… Continue reading App constellations 2018 research

App constellation

Reading Time: 17 minutes Fred Wilson talked about the concept of the app constellation that he distilled down to: mobile apps that share a single login and have app to app linking built in He also added the proviso that ignored gaming apps, which generally purely use integration for identity and payment. As Wilson points out this level of… Continue reading App constellation

Apple and IBM and other things

Reading Time: 3 minutes Apple and IBM IBM and Apple just not that big a deal – I, Cringely – probably the most level-headed analysis of the Apple and IBM deal that I have seen so far IBM and Apple: Catharsis | Asymco – Horace on the long view of the Apple and IBM deal Apple and IBM team… Continue reading Apple and IBM and other things