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Online advertising targeting and ad blocking

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ad blocking has become a thing; with a UK government minister likening it to a protection racket. This felt similar to  the the early 2000s and political action against file sharing. Ad targeting and ad blocking from Ged Carroll A cursory glance of publicly available data shows a few  things: Correctly targeted advertising (in terms of content type, […]

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Observations from the UK: infantisation of British popular culture

Reading Time: < 1 minute Maybe it has been a reaction to the hard times that have befallen the UK over the past few years but their seems to be an infantisation of popular culture in the UK. It hasn’t gone down the kawaii route of Japanese culture, but what I can only describe as infantisation. One-piece romper suits called […]

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Interesting comparison between China offline and online lives | 中国网上消费行为

Reading Time: < 1 minute Branding and trends agency Chinayouthology have put together an interesting presentation on how young Chinese people are using social media and how their online lives differ from their offline lives. I used to describe online as augmenting offline lives in the west. In China, it seems to do so much more, providing a coping mechanism […]