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Throwback gadget Bush TR 82

Reading Time: 4 minutes Whilst you might not know the Bush TR 82, if you were from western Europe you’ll recognise its style immediately. Post-war Britain In the post-war era Bush Radio Limited tried to fill consumers demands for entertainment. There were radios that would sit on a sideboard and would have the presence of a TV set. Many… Continue reading Throwback gadget Bush TR 82

Throwback gadget: Nokia N950

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nokia N950 origins The Nokia N950 was designed at a weird time. Nokia’s position as the premier smartphone maker was under siege from Android and iPhone after seeing off the Palm OS and numerous iterations of Windows Phone. Nokia had missed the boat on devices with capacitive touch displays. It was using a smartphone operating… Continue reading Throwback gadget: Nokia N950

Throwback gadget: Bose Wave Music System

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is a little disingenuous to call the Bose Wave Music System a throwback gadget, mainly because Bose still makes it. It would be reasonable to call it a design classic. There are benefits to picking up a 2006 model Bose Wave Music System, rather than paying the premium of a new device. Bose Wave… Continue reading Throwback gadget: Bose Wave Music System