QRcode challenge

Reading Time: < 1 minute I picked up a leaflet put out by Lavazza to promote their tie-in with Wimbledon as coffee of the event or some such linkage. On the leaflet was a QRcode. A very small QRcode, one which wouldn’t work with the two QRcode readers that I tried on it. I wonder how that affects the campaign… Continue reading QRcode challenge

Thoughts on Microsoft Surface

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some thoughts on the implications of Microsoft’s Surface launch: Microsoft and tablets I found the Microsoft a curious device full of interesting design choices. It was interesting because it seemed to be defined by what it wasn’t. The device was a world way from the clunky tablet keyboard combos by the likes of Fujitsu and… Continue reading Thoughts on Microsoft Surface

Brand touch points

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was talking at a client event about how a conversation in marketing relies on every single brand touch point, not just the social content spewed out on to the web by marketers. Afterwards, I was making myself a cup of tea (I know, I live a rock’n’roll lifestyle) before returning to the office and… Continue reading Brand touch points