No Apple Product Launches Until September at Earliest (updated)

Reading Time: 2 minutes According to Dow Jones, Steve Jobs has taken August off to recover from cancer surgery:Apple CEO Jobs Has Surgery To Remove Cancerous Tumor Sunday August 1, 11:45 PM EDT NEW YORK — Steve Jobs, chief executive of personal computer maker Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) and animation studio Pixar Animation Studio (PIXR), underwent surgery to remove… Continue reading No Apple Product Launches Until September at Earliest (updated)

Entrepreneurship – no thanks we’re British

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is an interesting article Sunk before they’ve even begun in the July/August issue of Real Business magazine regarding the effect of student debt on entrepreneurship. The article, was interesting because it touched on a seldom visited area, a number of articles have already been written to the effect that fewer students are going to… Continue reading Entrepreneurship – no thanks we’re British


Reading Time: < 1 minute Can I be bothered trawling through the Google filings when someone from the Washington Post and assorted equity analyst will give up the juicy bits anyway? No. This Washington Post article here is of interest. Whilst I wont be buying the stock I will be bookmarking their virtual roadshow page. What do I think? –… Continue reading Googlewatch