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Post Traumatic Apple Event Disorder

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Post Traumatic Apple Event Disorder – The cognitive dissonance experienced by Apple customers when a new product launch by the company is a bit well Dell after they have been sold another miracle by Apple’s global PR agency of record. Or, having others over-promise on your behalf (if not at your behest), leaving you to underdeliver spectacularly in the eyes of your loyal customers. More jargon related posts here

Kudos to the merry pranksters at the Joy of Tech

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The Trend is Trends

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No sooner had I blogged on the McKinsey report on macro-economic trends that will affect business and Consolidated’s 2006 trends presentation than I get a mailer from Firefly highlighting trend analysis supplied to them by The Future Laboratory. Obviously, trend surveys are the new way to kick off the new business drive for 2006.Incidently the Firefly / Future Laboratory sheet focused on Ladults which is an ideal concept for them to upsell and cross-sell clients like Motorola and Casio.

Oh and according to IG’s TrendCentral, the new place for singletons to meet their soul mate is not over the frozen cabinet in the super market or watching the world over the rim of a latte mug in a coffee shop but going fishing.

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Share the Digital Booty

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Interesting academic report from Harvard University that talks about how important sharing (as opposed to piracy) will be a key driver for online music services.In order for online music to fulfil its potential it will rely on online playlists and allowing podcasters or bloggers to be its ambassadors and evangelists by including music in their efforts.

“Sharing isn’t equivalent to stealing,” said Michael McGuire, research director at Gartner Inc., and a co-author of the report.

The study claims that soon 25 per cent of online music store transactions will be driven by “consumer-to-consumer taste-sharing applications, such as playlist publishing and ranking tools built into online music stores and external sites with links to stores.”

Sounds Web 2.0 and the music industry are heading for the kind of crash that an express train would be proud of. Its going to get messy before it gets better and the music industry will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the future, despite the fact that sharing music in this way is just the digital equivalent of promotions and record plugging.

Kudos to Marketwatch.Picture courtesy of Toner.