A Few Links For You

Reading Time: 1 minute – A guide for Americans on the ethics of football (soccer) matches. (Number one, the match is not divided into quarters like a pizza but two halves). – Suck it up and weep geeks, IT is a commodity that doesn’t make that much of a difference, despite Microsoft’s agile business guff – Financial services industry … Read moreA Few Links For You

Yes, yes, y’all; to the beat y’all

Reading Time: 1 minute Old school B-Boy post. Put on your Adidas First track suit, dust down your pair of Superstars, fix your Kangol and pop some d-cells in that monster Sharp boombox you got in the attic. Have we got an electric bugaloo-tastic posting for you. First off check out this Transformer breakdance Flash animation – the soundtrack … Read moreYes, yes, y’all; to the beat y’all