Jargon Watch: Pharming

Reading Time: < 1 minute Pharming – Where a user is directed to a false website without their knowing. This can happen where a DNS server; the rosetta stones of the web that convert URLs into IP addresses are compromised or ‘poisoned’. Joe Six-Pack the user puts his details in and fattens the bank accounts of hackers, terrorists and organised… Continue reading Jargon Watch: Pharming

Jargon Watch: MoSoSo

Reading Time: < 1 minute MoSoSo – Not a made-up district name created by bored real estate agents, but mobile social software services. The unholy product of crossing social networks like Friendster with premium SMS message services. Playtxt allows members to interact by text messages with people who have similar interests, SMS.ac is a similar but less sophisticated service. Thanks… Continue reading Jargon Watch: MoSoSo

Jargon Watch: ego-casting

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ego-casting – First there was broadcasting like traditional media. Then there was narrowcasting, where messages became more tailored as we moved from being part of the herd to more personalised communications like My Yahoo!. Egocasting is the near-total control that consumers now have over the way they recieve content and the kind of content. It… Continue reading Jargon Watch: ego-casting